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Dylan & Son was established in 2010, when Dylan took over his father’s 30-year-old tailoring business and gave it a full rebranding.

Instead of being rigidly confined within a specific 'house cut', Dylan & Son's emphasis lies in creating a balanced and proportionate overall silhouette, so as to bring out the best of the wearer. The goal is to achieve a combination of English sensibilities and Italian flair - some structure and form is always preferred for formal suitings, while softness and ease take precedence for casual jacketings.

Besides attending to every consultation appointment, Dylan also serves as the head trouser-cutter. There are two full-time coat cutters working in the workroom at the rear of the shop, and they are in charge of all jacketing orders. One of them will be assigned to the client and he will stay with him for all future orders. Each bespoke commission begins with the creation of paper patterns done in the traditional way. No pre-made templates are utilized in the process. These unique patterns serve as the blueprint of the client and they will be refined after the fittings and hung inside the workroom.

By having the same cutter serve the client continuously, we hope to foster a strong long-term relationship over time... one that is built on familiarity and mutual respect.


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