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Heritage & Philosophy

Dylan & Son was established in 2010, but its roots run back a few decades. Oriental  Tailor was originally founded in the late 70’s by Peter Chong. Helping him in the shop was his wife Mdm. Wong, who was a seamstress.


In 2010, their son Dylan took over the family business and gave it a full rebranding, including a name change. It has since grown from strength to strength.

Instead of being rigidly confined within a specific 'house cut', Dylan & Son's emphasis lies in creating a balanced and proportionate overall silhouette, so as to bring out the best of the wearer. The goal is to achieve a combination of English sensibilities and Italian flair - some structure and form is always preferred for formal suitings, while softness and ease take precedence for casual jacketing.


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161B Telok Ayer Street Singapore 068615


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